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The Rise of Asia

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Within less than one year, the United States in its Draconian move threatening to confiscate the assets of any foreign entity that FAILS to report what Americans are doing overseas has so devastated international business it is an understatement to overlook this legislation for it is having the same effect as  the Protectionism of the Great Depression. The bureaucrats have PRESUMED that anything an American does overseas must be illegal and to hide money. This one piece of legislation is devastating in that it has stopped dead the ability of American small business to every expand internationally. Americans can no longer compete in the world economy thanks to the actions of their own country. This is playing precisely within the model forecast where Asia will rise again and become the number one economy in the world. There are cycles to this as well, Where the financial capital of the world shifted to India after the fall of Rome and Constantinople, it then migrated to China and became the incentive for discovering America. Europe captured that title and then lost it with World War I to the United States. It is now gradually moving to Asia once again.  We will be focusing on this shift at the Bangkok seminar for it is happening very rapidly and we will see it within this cycle formation.