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The Rise & Fall of Empires, Nations, & City States

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QUESTION: Marty, I remember you giving a seminar back in the early nineties and you showed a chart of the rise and fall of civilizations with the energy output of the sun long before there was this insistence on global warming. Do you have that chart still?

REPLY: Here it is. It was redone in 2011 adding color. The migrations of human kind has always been driven by the sun. During warm periods, people expand their civilizations. During the sharp declines, war follows for people then concentrate on regions that can support life. As the temperatures collapsed, the Europeans invaded Africa moving back to where they migrated from. They called them the “Sea Peoples”. Evidence has surfaced showing that the Philistines of the Bible may have been these people from Greece after the fall of Mycenae..

Civilization has expanded with periods of global warming and declines with bouts of ice ages. Sorry, this has always been a natural divine cycle – not something created by man to justify taxes.

It looks like we may be headed back to a decline once again. I like global warming. Hate the cold. So I too will migrate south.


Note: There are now many studies that confirm this chart from many different perspectives. This includes ice core samples to tree rings and sun spots. They all confirm this same pattern regardless of the source. This was originally based on the ice core samples from the North taken in Greenland.