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The Right to Even Trade

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COMMENT: Marty, I watched the Solution Conference with my son who is 18. While I at first thought it was a restatement of what you have been saying in different postings, my son’s eyes popped open. He said to me ‘Dad, he is right. He sees what we see. This is not working and there is no future.’ He didn’t want to watch it with me at first. He pacified me I think.

I can see it now. What you accomplished for the younger viewers perhaps went over the heads of us older viewers. Maybe this will work. I had a long discussion with my son that was perhaps the first step in looking at the world through his eyes. We really connected may be for the first time on a serious level.

Again. I cannot thank you enough.


REPLY: Yes. Just go to a Starbucks and observe. People under 30 more often than not pay with their cell phone. They do not have the same biases about money and do not see the ideas of saving for retirement and taxes. Things are changing and they see the world differently. They are the future. As the Boehner and Pelosi generation get the hell out of office, maybe the next generation will take a new step forward.

Some people were disappointed and wanted buy or sell signals. All the money in the world will not matter for they are coming for it unless we wake up and look at the trend. Others felt I just regurgitated what I have been saying. All I can say is look deeper. Think hard about what I set out. Follow it through to its conclusion and try to leave your biases behind. The object is to restore a world where we can make money and keep it. Carry cash and they will take it from you. You cannot hop on a plane with gold or to hide your wealth in some offshore tax haven. They are closing down everything – this is not about making money on the next trade. This is about saving the RIGHT to even trade.