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The Republican Convention Was A Disgrace to Freedom

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While everyone yells and screams about abortion and the right for gays to marry, the most important destruction of the democratic process took place over a pathetic  agenda to simply prevent Ron Paul from having his name nominated from the floor. The RNC stripped all the people of the State of Maine of the right to vote. This illustrated precisely what I have been warning about. We are headed to a Third Party for 2016 and the economy appears to start coming unglued next year. The Republicans just eliminated the right of the people to vote for any candidate for if the RNC does not like their choice, they refuse to seat the delegates and appoint their own people to vote as the RNC instructs them. Hello! What happened to the right to vote?

These politicians on both sides have lost their mind, Obama preaches hatred. Tells the masses that those that started business and provided 70% of all employment in this country owe everything to government for they could not have made a dime on their own. He preaches hatred of the productive class while behind the scenes holding his hand out to Goldman Sachs. This is the dirtiest campaign I have ever seen in my life and the hatred is undermining all hope of future survival. These dumb ass politicians had better look at what is going on in Europe. They are fueling the same fire and preaching class warfare just to win at all costs. This is precisely what destroys empires, nations, and city states. Civilization is the coming together for a mutual benefit to work in a collective synergy. When you embark upon division and class warfare, you undermine the very purpose of civilization, It may be admirable to say “forgive them for they know not what they do” but they do not care and they instead prefer to “turn man against his brother until man exists no more.”