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The Real Conspiracy

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There are plenty of conspiracies on isolated issues like the NY Bankers who try to control the government merely so (1) they can trade with other people’s money, (2) when caught they get bailed out, and (3) they are above the law and remain the UNTOUCHABLES. But beyond that they are not smart enough nor do they see profit beyond that scope. There are plenty of groups that would like to exert “influence” but there is nobody actually in control.

Our biggest danger is GOVERNMENT for they have the tanks and the bullets. They constantly deny that they are the cause, blame everybody else for their own failures, but the real people are not even the politicians – it has been the non-elected bureaucrats. This is our nightmare. Not secret groups. It is government trying to actually control things not for money, but to retain power.

Insofar as the private groups and families, sorry, they are no more in control of the whole thing than anyone else. It is government that reacts and is managing not with some long-term plan, but how to retain power day by day. That is what has to crash and burn,