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The Real Conspiracy

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All these conspiracy theories do is discredit, confuse, and misdirect the people from paying attention to government. I wrote when the Arab Spring began and they saw how the youth organized using Twitter and Facebook that the various dictators did not control, what happened? The US suddenly needed the INTERNET KILL SWITCH in case we were under cyber attack. That was Sen. Joe Lieberman who introduced that and anyone who thinks they won’t do it because they will then lose the NSA – ya good one. Why do you think the NSA taps into Facebook? For Terrorists planning their next barbecue? When it comes to the civil unrest they expect coming this way from Europe, they will shut down the internet in a heartbeat out of self-interest – maintaining control and power.

RangelEvery bill that has taken rights away is introduced by someone leaving or can be blackmailed. Charlie Rangel got caught not paying taxes. He is the one that introduces draconian tax measure. Charlie doesn’t even live in the district he represents – he lives not in NY, but NJ.

Then there is Lindsey Graham who advocated taking the right to trial away, due process of law, and to allow the government to indefinitely imprison anyone it “suspects” without any right to anything.

Grachm Lindsey This is what they were doing to me until the US Supreme Court ordered the government to respond how I could be held indefinitely with no trial or right to a lawyer. When I was getting into the Supreme Court, they got 3 postponements and then had to release me for fear if the Supreme Court ruled against them, they would lose that power. Then the bill to do what they did to me was introduced and is now LAW – thank you Lindsey. (Watch Him on YouTube). I am often introduced Behind the Curtain as the reason they needed that law. The rumor about Lindsey on the Hill is he is gay, flies to Paris even once a month, and he was blackmailed to introduce that bill. Every person who has introduced these draconian bills is vulnerable. You do not need to look at private groups. Pay attention to Behind the Curtain in Washington. That is the real issue – the Bureaucracy – not even the elected pretend representatives.


Hi Mr Armstrong.

Yes, you make a god point about why people are silly by making up so many elaborate conspiracy theories when the real culprit is right under our noses; the government.  I think it’s actually deliberate, similar to what magicians do in many of the acts – misdirection.  They create the illusion right under people’s noses by redirecting their attention to something else.  Perhaps the government is not that clever but regardless, the misdirection aspect is real, whether by design or by accident.  Another aspect is the only conspiracies that were ever real were ones devised by governments.  For example, the Japanese government just prior to Pearl Harbor being bombed planned their conspiracy against the US.  That was real but not uncovered until afterwards (at great cost by both sides).  In the end though there is nothing we can do to stop governments from doing whatever they want to do.  After all they have all the power and materials to carry out their plans, as you stated, not the so called secret societies and filthy rich individuals.

Many thanks.