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The Pied Piper – Is it even Possible?

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J.P. Morgan as the Pied Piper

QUESTION: Hi Mr. Armstrong,

Just a thought. If everyone starts using your computer model then where does an investor’s edge come from? As you have said in the past, not everyone can get rich doing the same thing.
Thanks as always,

ANSWER: Don’t worry. I will never get 100%. Even the 1932 Presidential election that was the strongest any candidate performed, FDR still only gathered 57.41% of the vote. There will be a large percentage of people who will NEVER trade technically no matter what you tell them or prove. I still get hate mail every day from the Goldbugs. Why? They just have to blame someone else for their own failures. So it does not matter what I say. The markets will be the markets and NEVER will you get 100% or even 60% of the people following the same system. It has NEVER happened. This is like saying everyone will suddenly vote democrat or republican. Will never happen – not even possible.