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The One-World Currency – Not Arriving Voluntarily

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, do you believe there is a conspiracy to create a one world currency to which the central banks ascribe to?

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ANSWER: No. That is thrown around by the real conspiracy theorists who see everything as a giant planned plot form people who are actually in control of something. This is very Marxist from the standpoint that government is capable of manipulating society all the time. They cannot see that this does not need to be some giant conspiracy to end-up there with some one-world government. Those ideas were behind the creation of the Euro and that has been exposed as a total failure. I have to really question if this conspiracy theory is not part of a disinformation propaganda campaign to justify war in the future since no government will surrender sovereignty to some mysterious all powerful elite group. Just look at Europe. We see kick-back from Greece, Italy, and even the rising anti-tide against the Euro in France. I was personally friends with Margaret Thatcher who saved Britain for she rejected that there should be a “political union” in Europe rather than just a “economic union”. The whole idea that one government would eliminate war in Europe has been proven wrong and indeed has increased the chances for civil war in Europe.

Kangaroo Driving Cab

We are headed into a one-world currency not by design and certainly not willingly, but rather by necessity for economic reasons not political. We have both China and Russia complaining about the USA dollar is the effective one-world currency. China has been taking steps to try to dethrone it. Why would China even bother if there was some giant conspiracy?

Those who claim there is some coordinated plot see shadows in the corner of the room at night and cannot sleep. They credit people with WAY TOO MUCH knowledge and power and refuse to accept that this is simply a run-away taxicab with a kangaroo at the wheel. This is actually much worse because there is no plan.



We have Obama trying hard to create World War III and even has been attempting to kick Russia out of the Swift System. His administration has been trying to start war in Syria, been caught planting fake evidence in Iran that they are in possession of weapons of mass destruction. His abuse of the NSA has undermined America as the leader in technology. How can anyone in their right mind argue there is a collective plot for the world to move in harmony to a one-world currency under a one-world government? This is power and politics we are talking about. This is like a two-year-old refusing to share a toy. There does not need some lofty conspiracy to end up with that result. We are plagued by lawyers who want to run nations yet have no practical knowledge of how to do it.

Nutland VictoriaThe USA is by no means willing to share political power in such a manner with what it sees is its adversaries. Come on! You have tremendous discontent among nations just over the sanctions on Russia. Victoria Nuland is most infamously known for her “F**K the EU” comment that was uncovered during a secretly recorded conversation with the American Ambassador in Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt. She wants to dominate the world.

I “believe” we will be forced into that one-world currency because of the collapse of the Euro and the contagion that will impact Japan. It will become the “solution” to hide the default on socialism. We are already in a declining trend since 2007 for all economies outside the USA. The USA is the only thing holding this thing up. When the global economy turns down, watch the finger-pointing.

The Sovereign Debt Crisis will cause the new currency to emerge for this is how they default. I would like to think that our proposal could be usurped and we end the borrowing, which nobody intends to repay anyway. But let’s be realistic. The collapse will be forced upon the world because of the failure of Marxism. That is the key. The very fundamental idea that government is capable of managing the economy. So the conspiracy buffs are effectively accepting Marxism at its very basic seed. That is why they will be wrong and the other side of 2015.75 will begin to expose that.

Our greatest danger will be the risk of more authoritarianism. There will be those who will argue it has been the rich or whatever that PREVENTED the Euro from working. They will turn to sheer force to compel society to accept their ideas. They will not go quietly into the light. Just as Athens moved toward Democracy, you constantly had the battle of the Oligarchs trying wrestle back the power. There is no single unified conspiracy. Human nature will never accept a single idea. It has NEVER happened that way in history even once. There is always a battle between two opposing forces.