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The NY Untouchables Warn Obama About No Defaults Or Else

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Fortune's Andy Serwer Interviews Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein

The real “Men in Black” who oversee the US government, the European troika of the IMF, ECB and EU who blew up Greece , Ireland, Iceland and are still working on Portugal, Spain, Italy and Austria (just to mention a few), are warning Obama that he better not default on the debt for political gamesmanship. The Democrats are figuring that they should left the dice roll and they hope that will destroy the Republican Party for 2014 and they will seize control of the entire government.

These Men in Black, the untouchable NY bankers of Wall Street, appeared in person to warn Obama that any idea of ​​a state bankruptcy of the United States is unacceptable even for a few days. The government needs to pay its debts, otherwise there would be a global economic disaster they are warning him. Leading the way was the head of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein. The loans from the government to various businesses, including the bankers, have now stopped. The Men in Black are there to secure their own cash flows that they count on to make money, while threatening the government that unless they are supported and interest is paid, the government will find itself in serious trouble. They have told Obama that the Fed must continue to print money. This money is needed in the world’s financial system or profits will collapse and so will jobs.

Of course, there is no choice. If the US defaults for a few days, this will have no impact upon its credit rating. This is a trumped-up threat that fails to highlight the fact that there is no other place to put your money except E Q U I T I E S to earn income.