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The NY Boys are the Modern Medici

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QUESTION: Mr Armstrong; Thank you for clearing up that persistent rumor that the Rothschilds are the culprit. That is sort of believing that the Medici are still running the Vatican and are the bankers who are in charge of the world. Why do people constantly create grand conspiracies when the truth is right before their eyes? I reread your Behind the Curtain writing. No wonder mainstream press will not write about your amazing track record.  The real conspiracy is to protect New York who are the new Medici and Rothschilds of the 21st Century. Correct?

Thank you so much for you courage. It has been inspiring.


ANSWER: Absolutely. It is like the stories of alien abduction. If the government has secret technology that gets exposed, the best way to cover it up is to exaggerate it and you suddenly convert a genuine sighting into a conspiracy theory. They have done the same with everything.

We use to publish forecasting on Bloomberg. Yet, I have been erased from their computer terminals based upon what so many who have reported. In the movie, there is a clip from Bloomberg TV. When they went to Bloomberg and asked for footage, they said there never was any. The movie producers had to find that privately and then went back to Bloomberg for permission to use it. They were shocked it existed. Reality is just not what people think. They went to the New York Times and others asking to be interviewed for the movie – they all declined. They went to the government and judges. They too all refused any comment. What is everyone protecting? It ain’t the Rothschilds and Medici.

You look for patterns. What does New York have in common with Rothschilds of the 19th century? They ensure governments were dependent upon them for loans. Just follow the money. The Rothschilds are not the Primary Dealers who sell US debt – that is the NY Boys. Look at the Medici. They installed people as Pope. Is there anything different from that strategy and buying elections today and installing key people at the head of central banks (Mario Draghi) or the head of US Treasury (Robert Rubin, Henry Paulson). Just follow the money and you will find history repeat because the PASSIONS of man never change. It’s just like a giant Shakespeare’s play acted out for centuries. The plot is always the same – only the actors change. Putting out grand conspiracy theories about the Bilderbergs and Rothschilds are cover-up for the NY boys. There is absolutely NO WAY Bloomberg or even the New York Times would report how successful our model has been. To do that opens the door to exposing my adversaries. So it is best to pretend I do not exist. That is standard operational procedure.