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The NSA Is Changing the Behavior of the World

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Merkel said that the difference between the NSA and the East German Stasi, is that the Stasi did not get caught. The backlash against the USA is really off the charts. The US press will not report just how damaging this has become internationally. Now in Germany as in Switzerland and even down in Brazil, everyone is looking at creating domestic internet facilities that are NSA proof. The NSA having to know what everyone is doing and thinking is just tearing the world apart at the seams. What is the point of being in a relationship if you do not trust your partner? How long would it last if everything they did you questioned? What goes for a personal romantic relationship is the same in politics on a global scale. If you do not trust your allies, guess what – it is divorce time, This why the NSA needs the biggest storage facility in the world – to store not just every American phone call and email, but the whole world! These people who feel such a need trust nobody, and thus reveal that they themselves are not trustworthy for they judge others by themselves. And when you question them, they say see, you must be dishonest or you world not question them. The only resolution become divorce.