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The Next Seizure Coming – U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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All the information we are getting is this is very real. There is almost $20 trillion in pension funds. That would pay off the national debt at $17 trillion. These people are actually discussing a FORCED loan whereby they will take over all pension funds to “protect” us with bureaucrats who know nothing about managing money. We are headed down the road of CONFISCATION of all assets – FASCISM in full bloom. There is of course no constitutional authority for that but with no rule of law left, that will no longer stop anybody.

These people will NEVER go quietly into the light. They are going to go screaming, kicking, biting, and shooting everything and everyone in their way. This is the problem moving to electronic money. Where to you put anything any more? You cannot leave with pockets of gold. You cannot store it in a bank. The majority will remain stupid and think they really care. What kind of a world are we headed into? As I said. The day will come after 2015.75 when you will PRAY for HYPERINFLATION.

We are moving there faster than you think. The next crisis will do the job.