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The Muslim Radical Fear Hitting Western Governments after Canada

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The attack inside the Canadian Parliament by a radicalized Muslim born in Montreal has sent shivers down the spin of Western governments in Europe and America based on inside sources. According to Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the gunman had recently applied for a passport, planning to travel to Syria to join ISIS. He was Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, and Canadian born in Quebec at Montreal to a father from Libya and a Canadian mother.


Western Governments fear that this new threat introduces home grown religious zealots turn terrorist. In this case, nobody has to fly in – they fear inside jobs. This is creating a reluctance to send any ground forces to confront ISIS for this may enrage religious zealots born in their countries to rise up. This is a different kind of war – one that is religious rather than merely nation v nation. Our model show we are indeed in an escalating trend. The radical religious groups are trying to use the media to recruit worldwide and to start another Holy War.

The RCMP said “We need to investigate and understand his radicalization process. He is an interesting individual in that he had a very well developed criminality.” (reported Reuters)