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The Movie – the Forecaster

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The Movie the Forecaster made its debut to a full house last night. The reception was fantastic. It was nice to have an audience that was so receptive – it truly was amazing. Most documentary films are about some suffering. This one is not about poor me, but what I have been fighting against for the sake of my own family and the future. The overwhelming response has been positive that this film is coming at the exact right time. All I can say, is I hope it brings understanding and political change for us all. I know the timing is right at least.

I explained before the audience that I had rejected American film makers because I feared they would receive threats and kill the film. The European audience was sympathetic on that point. Nobody seemed to get the impression this was about poor me and instead understood this was a battle rather than a victim story. So if we can look to what these issues are then we can seek the political reform we need.

Hopefully, the people who were part of the Occupy Wall Street movement worldwide will now see it is not the stock brokers and not even the traders. It is about a core system of corruption and manipulation to seek that perfect trade without risk that is wiping out Western Civilization as we know it.

We have to understand the problem before we can correct it. The CFTC suddenly announced the past week that they are starting an investigation into the manipulations by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and J.P.Morgan. They never announce who they are investigating so to even announce that is to address the blow-back from this film. The way to have impact is from the outside in. The American press is too controlled to simply assume this is will be a fair reporting of the subject matter – (not journalists as much as it is the editors and management).