The Movie – the Forecaster – It’s About the Manipulations That Have Plagued Society which will Shock the World

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Forecaster Plakat A2 FINAL 18.11.2014 DRUCK (Andere)

Arm-Crest(2)I am off to Amsterdam to attend the premier of the Forecaster. My detractors “assume” this is a movie about “me”. I have not even seen the final film. That is not what I agreed to. This is not a film about my life story. This is a film about the industry, market manipulations, political manipulations and the consequences that we face. That is what I agreed to do. This is a film that impacts everyone. We certainly do not need another BS “poor me” victim movie. There are plenty of sad stories to go make movies about. This is a film about the very issues which so many have suspected and speculated about. Being Scottish in heritage, my family crest states my spirit – I Remain Un-vanquished at home. So I do not need a movie for sympathy. That would be rather boring and besides, what was done to me has had the opposite effect. Many now see this as proof that I was not part of the high-flying crowd of manipulators.

I am told this film is coming at the perfect time and it has reached blockbuster status in Europe because of its message. Hopefully, this will put pressure upon governments to stop the nonsense and do the right thing – if just for once.