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The Movie & Europe

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Dear Marty,

I will be in Europe (Switzerland) March and April. Too bad I will miss the Berlinale. Please advise how I can find out where the movie will show in Europe? I checked the website but cannot find a schedule for 2015. I would gladly travel to see it.

My background: also a reformed goldbug. I did not know about you until too late. I am lucky not to lose all life savings. But I feel bad that i have lost a portion of mom’s savings
I bought your Gold Report for USD400 even though I don’t trade. Just need to know where I stand, what to do. Thanks for being a brave beacon in the darkness.
Wishes from Asia,

ANSWER: I really am not involved in the movie. It was funded by major European Institutions. I believe there will be a showing in London by the end of March. The theatre debut will be in Germany I believe around the first week of May. I will post it since we have a huge audience in Britain.