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The Movie Debut – Amsterdam November 22nd at Largest Film Festival

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The Forecaster-c


This movie that everyone has known is coming makes its debut at the largest Documentary Film Festival in the world – IDFA in Amsterdam on November 22nd, 2014. This is the first debut for the Documentary arena. There will be a Theatrical Debut next year as this film appears around the world.

I agreed to do this film on one condition – it would not be a “poor me” film, but one that addressed the real issues of the world economy that we face. I believe the film accomplishes that from what I have seen in the first draft versions. I have not seen the end product myself.



The film crew has been following me around at conferences since 2011 and interviewing people all around the globe. Those who have attended the various conferences internationally will at last get to see the finished product.

Hopefully, this film is coming just in time in the middle of political turmoil around the world where people want to know what is really going on. That is what this film is all about and on this score, I hope it will be the catalyst for serious reform and change.

You can visit the site for the IDFA Film Festival where you can also buy tickets. We are not part of the film in any financial way. We receive no revenue and contributed none. It is an independent film.