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The Model – Look Out August-September

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One of the most fascinating aspects of our work has been the object of eliminating personal opinion. Therein lies the mistakes. Everyone has an opinion. So what. NOBODY can forecast a market from a gut feeling and be consistent. That is the problem with all forms of analysis that includes pattern recognition or anything that is subjective. That is where the arguments come in he’s wrong and I’m right nonsense. I do not care who you are, nobody is right 100% from a personal subjective manner.

The ONLY way to approach this is with a quantitative model. The numbers are the numbers. TIME is TIME. We have run the model updating the Forecasting Arrays and NOTHING has changed. The computer still shows AUGUST as a PANIC CYCLE and SEPTEMBER and the big turning point for 2012.

There is a lot going on everywhere. There could be a revolution as people are yelling that the elections in Greece were rigged. The way the politicians are in Europe trying to prevent any elections, those claims cannot be just dismissed. So hang on to your socks. We are approaching a period of importance. We will have the next report of interest rates out very shortly. What for the advertisement on the site.