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The Middle East

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A mosque was blown up in Lebanon because the cleric there was preaching how people should join the holy war in Syria. Obama is now supporting the religious terrorists he has used to justify stripping us of all our rights with X-Ray machines that expose you to accumulative x-rays and the NSA.

People have to understand that the religious line followed in Iran believes that religion should rule the country not democracy, dictators, or kings. This is tearing apart Iraq and Egypt not to mention Afghanistan. Everything we have done in the Middle East has simply been brain-dead. We have no business there and if oil went to $500 it would still be cheaper than everything we have spent including Homeland Security not to mention lives. This is all about separation of church and state. When religion rules any country, freedom vanishes.

There is no long-term solution here. We have no right to punish anyone. Should we invade Russia because of their treatment of gays? Or perhaps our treatment of various groups would justify someone else invading the USA because they disagree with us.

We must respect the sovereignty of all nations. Syria did not invade anyone else as did Iraq. We have no right to invade any country. How do we punish Syria. We blow up their alleged chemical weapons that would then create a cloud that would poison countless civilians? Obama has had to state he is not intent upon overthrowing the government there. If he did, then what? We have troops there for 10 years?

Obama is the ONLY man who won the Nobel Peace Prize who has advocated invading another counter to “punish” them. That is as far from peace as possible, He is intent upon creating a war and that seems inevitable at least by next November. Nelson Mandella deserved the Peace Prize. Even Martin Luther King advocated nonviolence. Obama has disgraced the Nobel organization and they should revoke that prize to “punish” Obama.