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The Market & Cycles – Why We Must Crash & Burn

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One Response regarding this problem that we must crash and burn states that this “is somewhat of a paradox though, see some people, not so conflicted by their personal conscience (against obedience to authority / control ), but influenced by their uncertainty and/or lack of confidence. obviously, not all people are the same. Guess for the higher circumscribed step, to a world Government, should always pass through crash and burn stages, as history dictates, can never take the step smoothly:) ?

ANSWER: This is what makes cycles function. (1) there is the overall cycle of the economy such as the ECM, (2) then there are the cycles of individual markets that each has its own unique frequency like DNA, and finally (3) each of us has a personal cycle of life through which we pass, mature, and hopefully learn from our mistakes.

We all have our individual cycle of life, experience, and knowledge. We buy the high and sell the low in our youth. As we grow older, we realize we have been there, done that. Wisdom emerges and we then sell the high and buy the low. Not everyone is in the same position or place within the cycle. This is what makes the world tick.

This is why we are facing a MAJOR economic upheaval. This is a GENERATIONAL shift. Talk to those who are 23 or so. You will see they do not believe in taxing the rich for they fail to see where this benefits them where unemployment among the youth is staggering. These economic theories have utterly failed. The youth are coming of age. They have no future under this economic system. This will explode in everyone’s face. So politics as usual is about to be turned on its head in Europe. This is about old politicians retaining power at the expense of a whole new generation they cannot bullshit in the same way.