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The London Debut of the FORECASTER Movie – Sorry Americans will Not See the Film in USA

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Well it is very interesting how the FORECASTER will be shown all around the world. It has appeared to sold-out audiences from Netherlands to Croatia. BUT this United States the land of the free where those in NYC and Washington intimidate others FREELY to get their way to destroy our future. Even distributors from Canada are on board but not a single distributor in the USA will show the film so far. Just astonishing the censorship.   You can see the full schedule as it appears at The Forecaster-Movie.COM.

I met with someone from Hollywood. I was told that there is a sort of “self-censorship” in the industry that they are afraid to get behind something the bankers and government do not want the American people to know, read, or see. Even though the film got a good review from Hollywood*, you can count on not a single New York Newspaper will ever say it is worthwhile. The mainstream media is run by the bankers for what major press will ever expose them beyond what is already out there.

The American press in NYC will most DEFINITIVELY tell people NOT to go see the film. For the film to even enter the OSCAR awards consideration, it must be shown 10 times in NYC and 10 times in LA. If not, it will never be eligible for the competition. NO OTHER CITY COUNTS. Obviously, refusing to show the film in NYC will prevent it from ever being considered for any award. It is a shame for all the people behind the film (since it is a documentary I am not eligible for any award at all. It is all about the makers not the participants).

Why should we expect anything different when not ONE New York Newspaper would ever report that Federal Judges change the words spoken in court even with a published appellate decision admitting the practice is “unique” to New York City. I even wrote a letter to the SEC and said let’s just get this over with since you people make up transcripts anyhow, just go ahead and claim I said whatever it is you want.

Nothing is real in NYC – it’s all a sham. The total lack of integrity in the mainstream press dominated by NYC threatens the nation as a whole for with all the finger-pointing at Putin, can the USA really pretend to be that different? They say Putin killed his opposition. Well, we also imprison or kill ours and scheme to silence them at every possible moment.

So far, Americans will NOT be allowed to see the film. Just unbelievable! So who do we thank? GS or the Government or is it both in union?   The London screenings of The Forecaster will be at the Bertha DocHouse cinema. Tickets for screenings haven’t been officially put on sale quite yet. The film will debut there in London and will be shown several times between March 27th and 1st April.

Tickets will go on sale shortly. ================================================================ * Back-Up In case this too vanishes from the Web (Hollywood-Review Controversial economist Martin Armstrong is the focus of Marcus Vetter)