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The Land of Smiles or Stupidity?

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This is a good read. An observation of inbred social stupidity because of the political ramifications that have interfered with the true lesson of history. What is written here can be said of many cultures as well.

When I would interview graduates for a job, I would go down the list of economists and ask about each theory to see their thinking process. When I would come to Karl Marx, to my shock, so many replied he was not an economist. He was in social studies, but not economics. Those that knew Marx as an economist, came from selected schools and they were not the famous Ivy League. I began to be able to guess what university they went to based upon their comments and then look to see if I was right. There is prejudice in all schools. It is a shame that some places are so intimidated by an idea they do not support, that they ignore it altogether.