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The Iron Curtain Starting to Close – Now STEP

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Obama wants all Americans to now report voluntarily to the government regarding any foreign travel. The program is currently voluntary, but the word on the Hill is there are those who are suggesting this should be mandatory to protect Americans of course. The program is called STEP “Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.”

Today, most Americans are willfully blind. They refuse to connect the dots and think the government would never do anything really to harm the people. This is not about harming or protecting anyone. Look at Benghazi. They asked for help and it was not sent in for political reasons. Then there is the NSA seizing all our phone records, the post office photographing everything mailed, and the IRS targeting people for political reasons and that is just the surface. With all this surveillance we must ask – WHY were they unable to stop two kids and the Boston Bombings when Russia warned them about them?  Yet people are willing to surrender everything that made America worthwhile to be safe when these people are hunting money not terrorists. The new STEP program is to track people and where they are going for money. I was personally returning from London over 4th of July. I changed the ticket at the last minute from JFK New York to Philadelphia. When I landed, there were two IRS Agents waiting for me. They wanted to know why I changed my ticket because they had a sting operation in NYC looking for American living overseas not paying taxes but return to visit family. Congress now wants it so anyone who resigns their citizenship can never return even for a funeral because they see everyone simply as property of the state to be taxes. We are no longer individual endowed with rights from God – but from Congress.

When you look at every law that is being passed from confiscating the assets of any foreign bank or broker who does not report on what they are doing with an American, Barbara Boxer’s Highway Bill that allows the revocation of your passport if the government even “thinks” you owe it $50,000 in taxes, Lindsey Graham’s championing the indefinite detention of American citizens without charges, trial, or lawyers, civil unrest military exercises on cities, Homeland Security buying 2700 tanks and 1.6 million hollow-point bullets designed to kill on impact that are illegal in war, yet neither the press nor the majority see anything wrong here nor do they see a pattern. It is very scary indeed.