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The Intent of the Law Means Nothing

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Unfortunately, we are as far away from a Democracy today with little difference from a dictatorship. Congress passes a law for a specific reason. However, judges get to say what they “think” that law means and prosecutors get to stretch it to fit anything they desire. Once a law is enacted, everything they can fit into the words to justify a desired power they do. The latest example of this form of tyranny has been the IRS is trying to use an 1884 ‘dead horse’ law from the Civil War to now justify regulating all tax preparers/accountants. What they are trying to do is make it mandatory that your accountant turns you in to the IRS if they think you owe money you have not paid them their pound of flesh.

See – this is all about them spending your money and having to pay the bankers. Welcome to the land of Socialism where you may retain the title to property, but they get to confiscate it and tell you what you are allowed to do with it whereas Communism they assume the title as well. The NSA has taken your privacy. Then Congress has virtually outlawed Americans from having bank accounts outside the USA, and now they are setting the stage to make it MANDATORY that your accountant will be compelled to report you to the IRS. They cannot sleep at night worrying you found a dime in a parking lot and did not give them their cut.