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The Ice Age Cometh

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This is the picture the corrupt scientists have been using to get their hands on billions of dollars. We do not know where this photo was even taken. Nevertheless, they have used this to launch their campaign. There are many theories on both sides. All I know is rather simple. The sun is a thermodynamic system. It beats the same as your heart. Between peak and minimum is about 300 years. Why would man have migrated from warmer climates to colder if they could not grow crops? I would have gone the other way. Just maybe, they moved north when it was warm and they tried running for the sun when the ice came.


The famous cave drawings of Tadrart Acacus are form a mountain range in the Sahara desert of western Libya. The area is known for its rock paintings dating from 12,000 BC to 100 AD. The paintings reflect the changing environment of the Sahara desert which used to have a much wetter climate. Nine thousand years ago the surroundings were green with lakes and forests and with large herds of wild animals as demonstrated by rock paintings at Tadrart Aracus of animals such as giraffes, elephants and ostriches.

The climate has changed for thousands of years. This much is basic history and requires no billion dollar study to see if we caused it by somehow using time travel to export our effects back in time. Instead of wasting all this effort to try to support government raising taxes on people to prevent “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”, it might be better spent informing people we are going back into a cooling period and there will be wild swings back and forth for the next 25 years. It snowed here on Friday and the back 60 degrees for Saturday.

It certainly seems that Obama may argue for tax increases to stop Global Warming where we will see the sea rise, but he is not so concerned since he is buying a house on the beach in Hawaii. The only theory I subscribe to is government will lie, cheat, steal, and start wars, whatever is necessary, to profit and retain power. The rest is simply nature and learn to live with the cycle.