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The Hunt for Money

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COMMENT: Hi Martin; thank you very much for your informative blog, i started reading at the beginning of the year and it’s the only one I make sure never to miss a single post. You are the first person I recall mentioning that $3,000 transactions are being kept an eye on. Here is another strange case. Two of my friends and I were in a car going to Montreal and at the border after the usual question of how do you know each other, are you carrying any weapons and how long you are staying, the following was asked: Do any of you have over $1,000 in cash? We all looked at each other, then nodded our heads NO. Everyone still thinks $10,000 is the magic value, not even close as you have been saying all along.

Additionally on the way back home to NYC we had to stop at another Border Patrol stop about an hour south of Canada. It looked like a combination of New York State and New Hampshire (because of the plates) Park Rangers bringing a 65 mph Highway 87 to a halt. NH does NOT border NY to make this checkpoint really strange as they said “Border Patrol”. Add all the speed traps every 20 miles a long the way and it’s hard to imagine that 95% of the people can’t see the growing Police State in front of their eyes.

So glad you’re doing this blog and how you find the time to write all this content.


REPLY: We will crash and burn. History is truly our guide for it offers a catalogue of outcomes and solutions. It repeats because human nature never changes. Every government ends up confiscating (consuming) the wealth of the people. I do this in hopes that if we can all spread the word, when we do crash and burn, there will be a choice. We either go into the darkness and end up total mindless drones and government becomes the complete authoritarian state, or we move into the light of freedom as they did in the 1700s. It is coming. We cannot stop it. This is why liquidity is at 50% of 2007 levels. People are hoarding what they do have.

As of January, if you buy a car for example, and you have roots in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you have to pay the sales tax of the highest and then the dealer has to carve up and New Jersy gets its 7% and 1% goes to PA. This just started now in 2014.