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The Historic Storm of the Century – Hoax

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Well I took this picture myself. The Historic Storm of the Century turned out to be 2 inches at the very best in Philadelphia area without sweeping up a pile for TV cameras and 1 inch down by Virginia. MSNBC just cannot help using anything to bash Republicans. They even ran a segment called the “Science of the Storm” to bash Republicans for voting against Global Warming legislation as if this storm would have been avoided had they poured billions more into academic pockets to predict when more historic storms will happen.


MSNBC even called this a Nor-Easter and defined the term. My uncle lost two houses on the beach in New Jersey to two such storms in the 1950s. We have not seen anything like that every since. The fact such a definition exists PROVES the historic storm of the century is certainly not new anyway. How about the 1938 storm that was historic. I suppose just 10 years of driving cars caused that one too.


MSNBC attributed the whole storm to global warming saying the Ocean is 3 degrees warmer than it should be and that is all caused by humans. I suggest a solution. Why don’t these fantastic scientists volunteer for euthanasia first – you know, those who never heard about cycles in weather or things like the ice age and it must have turned warmer somehow without mankind’s contraptions.

Next we can go to pretend TV news people who use everything for political agendas. Then lawyers who want to be politicians, academics who argue we need to be manipulated to create their dreams of ruling the world, and move on from there to bureaucrats. Their solution is to reduce population and we should all walk to work or just stay home on welfare in the dark. Well they should show the way. This will be the great step forward to help preserve the middle class – gee a whole new world without BS. My ears would stop ringing at last. Real Utopia.

global warming

Yet perhaps I am wrong. Maybe global warming can be proved by clothing cycles.