The Growth of the Internet – The Dawn of a Complete New Era

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The continued growth in the internet has had a tremendous impact upon the global economy and political events as well. The total number of website domains is up to the 644 million level while active sites are approaching 200 million. This news is moving to the internet world and mainstream media will continue to decline. The younger generations are not only abandoning money using things like Google Wallet, but they rarely read newspapers any more.

The entire future has been altered and as this older generation dies out, newspapers and even the idea of paper money will fade into the distant past becoming relics for a museum much like a 45 RPM record, 8 Track Tapes, or even a small tape recording device.

The past is gone and a new age is on the horizon. This is also having a tremendous impact upon the job market and those that are computer illiterate will become competent for service jobs and even that will be limited.

robot-2Meanwhile, Government Surveillance has expanded rapidly. This is not merely a question of liberty, it is an economic question of money. As government embrace electronic money they seek to make tax avoidance impossible. Even working under the table will become impossible if there is only electronic money. How will they sell drug? How will illegal gambling take place? There are many questions about how electronic money will change society, but one thing for sure – privacy will become a thing of the past. The SciFi films that picture police being robots is not really that far off in the distant future.