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The German Press Acknowledges The Federalization & Death of Democracy in Europe

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Now the German press is starting to wake up for the headlines call it “The slow death of democracy in Europe”. 

The Greens are losing ground everywhere as economics displaces environmental issues. In Germany, the SPD was reduced to a mere shadow of its former self while the Greens were reduced and the FDP crashed and burned.  As reported, the federalization is in full swing despite the promise that would never happen. The gradual shift of power to Brussels is the same trend that emerged in the United States. It is always the same pattern and was self-evident in ancient Rome as well. All political decisions are moving to Brussels and today 90% of all laws in Germany are not the product of the Bundestag, but are the product of Brussels and the EU. We are witnessing the federalization of Europe and the Sovereign Debt Crisis will only get worse as even the German press has begun to notice that there is the federalization of Europe combined with the decline and fall of what they still term “democracy” with the rise of Republicanism..