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The Fourth Branch – Deeper than the DEEP STATE

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While many have been writing about the DEEP STATE as an unholy alliance between government and the corporate world, the deeper problem is the FOURTH BRANCH (the real shadow government) that shares nothing with the corporations and Snowden’s documents show they operate behind the scenes and do not even inform the elected politicians they also do not trust. They exist and will always exist at the core of everything and they are beyond the law for most of what they do nobody has a clue and there is no oversight. When there is some pretend oversight, they spy on that as well as Feinstein just learned. They see themselves as the real government protecting themselves from the madmen that run around in their wildest dreams.

Snowden’s information has been all about the privacy. Some of our BRAIN-DEAD politicians still see him as a traitor saying he should have gone to them not to China or Russia. To make this perfectly clear, the very documents he had demonstrated they are also the targets and cannot be trusted. He did not run to China or Russia, but to the British newspaper the Guardian for no American would dare publish it. He fled to Hong Kong because Congress would NOT protect him. He fled to Russia when they called for his head as a traitor. Sorry, but the people are sovereign and disclosing what Congress and the FOURTH BRANCH does can NEVER be treason when that person is telling their only sovereign – the people.