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The Fourth Branch – DEEP STATE – In Plaint Sight

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There has been the typical strategy to label anything that questions government’s ethics as the “conspiracy theory” so that it may still exist in plain sight. In most cases, there is a tool to further that goal of disinformation to allow corruption to exist in plain sight, yet denied. They use people who spin whatever real issue there is into something much larger to discredit the actual practice allowing it to still exist. We are all born ignorant, but it takes a lot of work to keep looking the other way to remain stupid.

There is the “black box” in cars that records where you have been and how fast you have ever driven. The abuse of this is off the charts just as they can not only tap your phones, but actually obtain data from your phone company that shows every call you received and the number it came from. These things exist. Smart phones not only tell Google where you are, but the police capture people by knowing where they are based upon their cell phone location. That sounds fine for violent people, but what about political prosecutions or taxes? However, the existence of such tools opens the doors for others to use them for nefarious reasons like hacking into your personal data or robbing your home based on the fact they know you are not there.

Another example has been the “smart” utility meters that they are putting on in homes. The question becomes why is collecting all this information really necessary? There were those who were warning that they can tell if you are home, what you are doing, and if you are sleeping or away on vacation. Naturally, the utilities companies called this conspiracy theories. Well, like Edward Snowden, the truth is coming out and not only have all these dark sinister aspects been proven true, the data flowing is not even secure so if the utility company was not doing anything sinister, others can tap into it.

We just saw Target’s clients all hacked and the details they have can drain people’s accounts. The real question that emerges is that these companies collecting all sorts of data, including Google, are really liable if it is hacked or stolen by their own internal employees and sold. That is what brought down the entire Swiss banking system – employees selling stolen data as in the UBS matter. They prosecuted a bank employee in Switzerland for handing over a list of all Germans with accounts in that Swiss bank to Germany. So we have governments acting like criminals justifying their actions based upon the assumption you have violated their laws.

I have been stating that this is no conspiracy of some grand design. It has been an evolutionary process that step after step becomes sinister only when all connected. The NY Bankers took over the US Government through the Executive Branch (Treasury) to ensure they could manipulate markets and not be interred with as was the case with Solomon Brothers who got caught manipulating the US Treasury auctions just like the Libor Scandal. If you want to buy influence it is easy – it has a name called campaign contributions. Dishing out millions of dollars gets their attention in any government and its you your influence. The ONLY WAY to defeat this requires two major actions –

  • (1) eliminate career politicians,
  • (2) eliminate taxes at the federal level.

Moyer-Mike Lofgren


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Bill Moyer did an extraordinary interview of Mike Lofgren and what some have called the DEEP STATE, which I have called the Fourth Branch. This is a very good interview and many more people are starting to come out and talk about what I have seen first hand. Edward Snowden has risked his life to expose part of this Fourth Branch or DEEP STATE. Forget Mainstream Media – they are bought and paid for as well. As long as the government has the power to TAX, it has the power to intimidate and control the press. They are now hunting everyone gathering every piece of info on you and your business worldwide and swapping that data among nations. They cannot even see that this is causing the collapse in the global economy, slowing economic growth, and fostering rising unemployment that will come back to bite them in the ass with civil unrest as we just saw in Ukraine.


Eliminating taxation is essential to the survival of society and it is the next step in the evolution of money. The power to TAX equals the power to DESTROY. This is one primary reason why the Founding Father PROHIBITED any form of Direct Taxation. Taxation was to be indirect and purely on consumption for the rich will always pay more given they consume more. Thomas Jefferson said in 1823: “Taxes on consumption, like those on capital or income, to be just, must be uniform.”

Direct Taxes MUST be eliminated to restore LIBERTY and end all lobbying or we will have no future left whatsoever. Snowden has provided the proof. Silicon Valley is starting to wake up that their insane cooperation with the Fourth Branch is costing them their business as even Germany has warned its citizens not to use Windows 8 while NASA has abandoned Windows for it can be hacked by others aware of the backdoors. I will NEVER buy Windows 8 for it reports back to Microsoft every program you install even if it is proprietary. Create a program on your own computer and Microsoft/NSA knows instantly. This is insane.


The Fourth Branch or DEEP STATE is real and alive. It has not been a “conspiracy” with a goal from the outset, but rather an evolutionary process one step at a time. We need not spin this into wild exaggerated conspiracy theories for that allows it to exist in plain sight as they discredit those saying this stuff picturing them with tin-foil hats.