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The Forecaster – the World v USA

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It is incredible the stark difference between the United States even allowing the movie to show and just about everywhere outside the USA. The NY banks control the courts, Congress, and the press – the American Oligarchy. Even the theater in Princeton has refused to show the movie where my family would have liked to attend a debut. In Germany, there is hardly a city it will not be shown in. They are showing this film in universities outside the USA and it was funny to see ratings from Europe at a 10 and USA at a 1. Talk about protecting the banks.

Some new evidence has just been discovered which we will post on this site. This should really open a number of people’s eyes, but bet not until the economy turns down after 2015.75.

Nevertheless, there will be a viewing via a live stream from Europe that the producers will be doing. I suppose this will be sort of like Radio Free America in reverse given the strong resistance here by the American Oligarchy and the constant protecting the NY moneycenter banks to the destruction of everyone’s future. Just another example how America is no different from North Korea. If they do not want you to see a movie, they pull the same shit.

We will post their link when it is up or you can visit their website.