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The FORECASTER & Marcus Vetter

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To clarify the questions coming in about the movie the FORECASTER, I turned down American producers because I understand the way the system works. The government could easily pick up the phone and threaten them to do as it demands or else. This is why Snowden had to go to London to get the story out. If he showed up at ANY US newspaper or TV station, they would have offered him a cup of coffee while the NSA was rushing over to grab him.

Vetter, Marcus 02

This was the same reason I went with the German film producers. Marcus Vetter assured me he would not do a “poor me” film and he would tell the truth nothing held back. All his films sought to find the “big picture”, as he put it. He told me he wanted to create a film that would be a “sign of the time”. Marcus was doing three films about the economy in 1999, 2000 and 2001. And that was when he wanted to contact me. That is when he learned of what was going on and followed the situation.

He produced the Heart of Jinin, which has been an internationally acclaimed film. When I did ask producers who are clients in Hollywood about Marcus, I was told I could not have signed up with anyone better. Indeed, the quality of the film is like a movie. The only press to appear in the film was someone from Bloomberg. The various New York newspapers and magazines all declined to appear. Since Marcus contacted the government, receiver, and the courts numerous times asking them to appear, he was forced to simply state at the end that they all refused to comment to defend what they did. Perhaps I would have been a tad more aggressive and went up to them on the street to show them on camera running away, but hey – that’s just me.