The Forecaster Got a Rating of 8.4 out of 10

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The FORECASTER has received an 8.4 out of 10 rating by IMDb. This is our best shot at waking up the silent majority into seeing the world perhaps in a different light. If we can push back when the time comes, just maybe we can move more toward LIBERTY rather than more authoritarianism. Every text, phone call, and email is being stored forever. If anyone wants to know whatever about you, all they need to do is bribe someone at the NSA and they have it. Eventually, the existence of such a database should legally be subject to subpoena right down to a divorce case. That should be a good one to read when that argument is made in court. But the bottom line, why do those in government have to know everything about every single person? Are they really that paranoid as was Stalin?



I have been asked about the opening scene with the Physic Ofer Cohen. This was a total surprise. They did not tell me he was coming nor did they tell him about me. He is renown for his abilities in Asia. It was my birthday, so my assistant Danielle White hired him for a present. It was even more of a shock that they wanted to film this. Needless to say, he was truly amazing. Yes, I was skeptical. Yet impressed at the end. He is a Jewish mystic I suppose and it was not rehearsed.

Let’s hope we can open the eyes of the majority who seem to be just sleep-walking through life. I had one email insist his state government pension will be there. His argument – it’s guaranteed. How? Because politicians told him so. People do not want to even think about the possibility they were lied to. They prefer to live life just sleep-walking hoping everything will be alright. They have no PLAN-B. A good trader ALWAYS assumes he is wrong. Then you constantly check your position.