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The Fast Track to Self-Destruction

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How to Run Gov for Dummies

All the governments are now banning together to attack anyone with an offshore account. All they see is taxes, taxes, and more taxes. They are blind to the massive disinvestment that they are creating. Even Canada is getting into the game. They cannot see that capital will be more inclined to hoard and as that takes place, the global economy will contract even more. There is ABSOLUTELY no possible way for HYPERINFLATION. This is how ALL core economies collapse. They do this every single time. They will not print into oblivion. They will cut entitlements and they will default on everything possible driving Western Civilization into extinction unless the light appears to save us from oblivion. This is the real – Olympus has Fallen.We are on the fast track to self-destruction.

The United States has adopted the same laws as every tyrant before it and everyone is following suit. You cannot leave the country is they merely THINK you owe money. They need not prove anything. They only have to “investigate” you for years to revoke your passport. Even Russia has now taken it a step further. They are banning even a foreigner based upon the failure to pay fines.

We are losing everything. I cannot imagine what a world my posterity will face. One of complete totalitarianism. Clearly, the cycle of civil unless turns up right on time – 2014. Government cannot see the future for all they ever focus on is the immediate survival. We are in a sinking ship and everything is being thrown over the side. And you really think they would print to meet obligation? Come on. Major economies ALWAYS attack their own people until them disintegrate into dust. Empires, Nations, and City States are historically, and with exception, buried in a common grave. All I can do is illustrate where we are going. We need legions to spread the word to save us from the real enemy within.