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The Euro – a Doomed Currency?

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IBEUUS-M 3-6-2015


We have a PERFECT DOUBLE MONTHLY BEARISH REVERSAL at 10765. The next one after that drops down to 98. Our long-term clients know what this means and how hard it is to achieve this type of indicator on our model.


Define-GapHere is the famous GAP in the reversals that highlighted the 1987 and 1989 Crash events. There was a set of PERFECT DOUBLE WEEKLY BEARISH REVERSALS in the S&P500 back in 1987. At that World Economic Conference we held in Princeton that weekend, it was rather spectacular. We had just elected the 286.10 Bearish Reversals on Friday to start the conference. The Array gave us a target of 2 days as did the ECM 1987.8 = 292 days (365 * .8)(October 19th). I recall desperately trying to find some support between our numbers at 286 and 180. I could find nothing even technical.

This type of set-up on our model is EXTREMELY RARE. It is not something subject to human interpretation. This is a physics based model of untold and most incredible significance. The sheer fact we have such a PERFECT set on the Monthly Level is a very ominous sign of what will happen with a monthly closing beneath 10765 of the Euro. The sheer fact that computer generated these numbers is extremely important. It will dictate the fate of what lies ahead.