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The Establishment Is Beside Itself Over Trump

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Next week can be a real watershed event. If Trump beats Cruz in Iowa, look out! Iowa is the heart of the Evangelical community, and if Cruz cannot win there then he will most likely not win the election. The establishment Republicans are really out to defeat Trump for their worst fears may happen — OMG! What if politics were not rigged? Trump knows the reason he is rising in the polls is that the people sense that there is a huge problem. ANY career politicians is a rigged game. The only way to change the game MUST come from the outside. There is no difference between Hillary, Cruz, Perry, or any politician for they are all taking money from the bankers. Trump is blasting them by reminding everyone that he is accepting no money from anyone, and thus, they will not own the White House if he gets in. This statement is resonating very well with the people of the United States.