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The End Goal

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COMMENT: Marty, the blog has been spot on recently… thanks so much for your efforts.  As time goes on, it may be beneficial for you to re-share both lesser and more well known historical examples for how society has instituted meaningful non-violent political change.  Perhaps later down the road readers could somehow coordinate by geographic location (some type of social media I guess) since that could form a basis for a like minded grass roots groups.  A time is coming when we’ll have to move beyond writing and phoning our politicians, and showing up at city counsel meetings.  Let’s hope for peaceful solutions saving the day. Thanks again.  Jeff

REPLY: I would like to see something like that happen. However, we must keep in mind that we require the crash and burn. Society moves through waves of Creative Destruction. We must see the system collapse and that will then set the stage for a rebirth. The object is to be there when that happens. This will be the moment of truth. Society will swing either toward more authoritarian or toward real democracy.

We need the true checks and balance of the people divorced from career politicians. Eliminating direct taxation will eliminate the corruption and lobbying of politicians to carve out exclusions. Republics are the WORST form of government for they ALWAYS become the most corrupt. Even a king is better for he is either a madman or a saint – he cannot be bribed on the whims of people or chance.

Eliminating direct taxation, which the founders of the US did originally, it will eliminate the need to hoard cash offshore. Eliminate direct taxation and you will lower the cost of labor. Eliminate unions that serve no functional purpose and only promotes higher wages without improving skills. To get ahead, people have to keep pace with technology or be outdated in the workforce watching their labor value depreciate. If people understand the technology cycle they will grasp the idea that they must increase their value by expanding their skills.