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The Dow & The Future

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DJFOR-D 6172013

We will be publishing an update shortly on world share markets once we have the ECM turning point in place 8/07. For now, here too the Dow peaked on this reaction from the 6/06 low for 8 trading days into 06/18 when we hit the Directional Change here as well. Look for higher volatility tomorrow.

Based upon all the comments coming in, it is good people are starting to see there is a whole new way to use technology to understand the movements of the global economy that are so far beyond personal opinion. In analysis, we are still highly primitive as if we have yet to pass the witch-doctor stage.

The Daily Bearish Reversals are 14670 and 14392 with the Weekly Bearish at 14390 and 14360/ The key support starts with the Monthly Bearish at 13139 and 12940, with the critical support at the Monthly Bearish at 12220.