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The Debt Ceiling – Non-Issue

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Behind the Curtain China and others warned the US that if it played games with the debt, it would be the last the US would be able to sell its debt to foreign lands. This is also why Obama announced tax-free long-term bonds for Americans to bring the debt home. This is why there is no fight this time over the debt ceiling. They have also been manipulating short-term rates to keep them so low, they have wiped out pensions and savers.

Glen Downs stated there would be no fight on this blog. Every source we had tells the tale of Behind the Curtain. The mainstream press will never report the truth. They comply and never dig too deep. In Russia, the government just shut down media that was reporting the truth in Ukraine. What goes on in the USA is simply voluntary compliance. It is also why Snowden had to go to London to report the truth. There is absolutely NO mainstream press in the United States that will ever tell the REAL story. Journalists are not the problem – it is their editors put in place by the owners.