The Cowards In Charge – Here We Go Again

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Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.


It comes as no surprise that those in charge of government NEVER learn from the past. They actually once again admit they always want to go to war, but never have any exit strategy. Just wage constant war and at the expense of so much blood exactly for what.

Even in trading, you must define where you are wrong and you must have an exit strategy before you enter a trade. If you do not know these basic parameters, you will lose money all the time. This is why people will hold on to a losing trade because they have no exit strategy.

The morons who wage war are really brain-dead and those who authorize them to wage endless war should be the first wave in the front line. It is easy to send other people to death. That is the mark of a coward. It is another thing to fight along side them. Julius Caesar was a leader his troops admired because he fought along side them and wore a red cloak so everyone knew where he was. That was guts. Shame we have no such leaders today.

ISIS will fizzle out for their own people will grow tired of the rules. Engage them and you will make them stronger. Observe and contain – do not attack. And as for the cowards who say they should bomb them out of existence, what about all the women and children trapped behind the lines that would not be there but for force? Communism failed all on its own. So will ISIS unless attacked.