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The Cost Education & Day Care

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The cost without room and board for Harvard University is $38,891 for the 2013-2014 school year. For Princeton University, it is $40,170. Some pre-schools in Manhattan are not far behind, where the elite day care now costs families more than $35,000 annually. The average Day Care is $13,000. From a standard of living perspective, families are forced into two incomes just to survive and the stats show that 50% of the second income goes to day care. Then look at the taxes and they still want more. Is it any wonder why the standard of living under socialism has been in a steady erosion process with politicians deciding what you need denying you the right to make your own decisions. Then they borrow from the average person by payroll taxes and send you a refund to make them look like it is some bonus when in fact they are borrowing from the poorest in society and do not even pay them interest..