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The Comments on Gold

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GCNYNF-W 2-12-2015


The comments have been pouring in on gold. To say they are interesting is to put it mildly. It is funny how both the gold promoters and the mainstream press actually respond in the same manner. Both desperately try to ignore the fact that our models just may have been an important advancement in the study of time and how things really function. It does not appear that either are ever really interested in helping anyone or advance one step in the game. They seem to both operate in the same manner to force their way of thing upon everyone else regardless if it is correct 0 they are both only drive by their self-interest.

GCFOR-W 2-12-2015

The computer picked the gold pop for January targeting the week and the day of the high. You would think people might come to the conclusion that just maybe this model could have stumbled upon something since this is not an opinion. However, it just seems that it is far easier to assume the world is flat than to try to set sail around a sphere they cannot grasp even exists.

1-Time-All Connected

The implication of just the correct forecasts like this on gold go far beyond merely gold. What this demonstrates is that everything is truly connected. That means, if our computer models are correct, then a politician cannot actually run for office proclaiming vote for them and they will change everything. We are all just pieces of an interconnected world. That is the real implications of this forecast in gold. The sooner we realize that what Socrates has accomplished is the revelation that absolutely everything is connected. There is nothing that ever takes place in absolute isolation.


OMG – the most feared of all aspects C H A N G E!

I could have run to a beach and hide from the world. I was not looking to get back into hedge fund management or analysis. I held the 2011 Conference simply because they wanted to make this movie. So I agreed to do a conference. A former employee told me the industry changed. I would be lucky if 25 people would show up. Well we filled the Westin Hotel with just over 300 people and had to turn away over 300. It has been my loyal clients over the many years who have convinced me to come back. These forecasts are NOT my personal OPINION. They are not even my invention. They are the product of my DISCOVERY of time. For that reason only, my goal is to take this system public so that it survives me and from there perhaps knowledge will advance in a new direction. I promised our clients will get the first shot at the IPO. I will keep that promise when it is time.


Hi Martin,


If the gold devotees are sure that you manipulate the gold market (if not also the whole markets and the world and its surroundings), why didn’t they shorted it when you said it is time for a decline to possibly 950$ ? They would have already made a fortune. Unless they shorted it or bought  put options and made tons of money but don’t want to acknowledge it.


I bet anything, a pack of chewing gum for example, that they are going to be your first subscribers to the trading signals in november. Of course they will only consider the buy signals and discard the sell signals. But they are going to make money from them and stay hypocrits.


In 1971 (end of the gold standard), the world population was less than 3.5 billions; it is now 7.1 billions and the trend is upward. How is it possible to have enough gold for every country? Let’s suppose the USA adopt a gold standard ALONE (because they are the only ones on Earth who unserstand gold, helped by the gold promoters), then the whole world would be happy to send/sell its gold to Americans and the USA will end up quickly with massive inflation, this same inflation that the gold standard is supposed to eliminate.

Now the gold adorers don’t trust the government in managing the paper money. But it is more arduous to manage money when it is gold, because it is a natural ressources, It is like agriculture: we are never sure in advance of the quantity we are going to obtain. And who is going to manage this? The government! So the gold adorers are the cousins of the government devotees (the keynesians/interventionists).



 COMMENT #2: Hey Marty,

I just wanted to say thanks for being the only one who has the balls to take on these scumbag gold promoters. They had me sucked in for a while until I could see something was wrong. So I sold my silver when it was $27 a few years ago.
It was not until I discovered you that I truly understood that selling my silver was the right thing to do.
These pricks make me sick and I chuckle to myself every time you give them shit in your blog.
Keep up the great work mate.



The folks who are mad at you or the “manipulators” are completely schitzo. First, they should be upset with themselves, which I am. But then they should be pissed at the gold promoters and I won’t mention any names. I follow these gold sites just to gauge the interest and I will say that the interest

in gold is waning quickly.






This gold essay was written when he was in prison.

I think it’s his best gold essay in an unbiased way.

Look at the graph where 1980 is the peak and 2016 is the bottom of gold.


He says ,”The next target happens to be 2016 that lines up with the purchasing power of the dollar. When we look at GOLD, hopefully you are starting to see, this is a very critical market to understand.”


I used to be a gold bug, thank you for your blog.


Remember that immature girl in high school, how every little thing that happened to her meant that someone either hated her or was obsessed with her; who thought every teacher who ever gave her a bad grade was being totally unfair and everything good that happened to her was because of how amazing she was? Yeah, we’re that immature high school girl.



A great call by Marty.  Not only did he pick the week of the high but also the day of the week of the high:



Can’t wait for this deal to go live.