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The Coming Iron Curtain – Resistance is Futile

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Avatar-Border Guard

Resistance is Futile – 911 has indeed been the excuse to strip everyone of all rights whatsoever. Not merely is everyone being fingerprinted if you come to the United States, but now the latest advance will be a lie-detector. But it will NOT be limited to terrorists. Meet the border-official-avatar, who will ask you questions such as:

1) Are you a citizen of the United States of America?

2) Have you ever been arrested?

3) Have you been employed in the past five years?

4) Have you any bank accounts or investments overseas?

5) Have you ever used illegal drugs?

These are just a few of the questions a machine will ask you while it is detecting if you are telling the truth. There is an infrared camera that records eye movement and pupil dilation at up to 250 frames per second. If you lie, the pupil will dilate. Then there is the high-definition video camera that captures figetting such as nodding, scratching, shrugging, or any type of nervous movement. They intend to add a weight shifting sensor to see if you crinkle your toes. Then there is the microphone collecting data based upon minute changes in pitch that they then assume is a lie.

lie-detector-1Lie-Detectors are not admissible in court because they are not reliable. This new machine is out to catch the trained professional, but at the same time, the average person will be so terrified, their natural nervousness will trigger the alarms. The fear of the machine being wrong can send you off into God knows how long an interrogation – maybe days. Just how far are we going with all of this shit? They are creating a world in which it is no longer going to be a place you want to live. These people are running amok and there is no one to stop them.


The once proud American “free press” sold its soul to government and special interests. You have public court admissions that judges are changing transcripts that if anyone else did would be 5 years in prison. Not Bloomberg News nor even the New York Times will dare print the the truth about the American Justice System. Why? Perhaps they will be prosecuted for an array of possible charges since a law professor wrote, everyone commits 3 felonies every day since we have so many laws. Hence, there is no one government cannot arrest for some bullshit reason. Be a good boy, don’t print anything off the farm, and you will be tolerated.

Berlin Wall

When I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell, you could not walk a few hundred feet without someone looking to make sure you had your papers. We are using technology in very frightening ways. There will be no putting this genie back in the bottle. They are intent on eliminating both freedom and all cash. This will be the world of technology. All we are missing is Terminator – Arnold where are you?