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The Coming French Revolution?

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They do not intentionally need to destroy the economy, they are doing a great job on their own without even trying. The French Constitutional Court has approved Hollande’s 75% tax on all people earning more than 1 million euros. They just do not understand the economy and never will. Those who are so desperate to see conspiracies to grab everything for the top 1%, never take the next step. What will someone do if he has all the money? He cannot spend it because there is no place left to spent it. Money becomes worthless in a Dark Age These people are destroying the economy with unintended consequences.



Hollande thinks he can seize all the money of the rich and this will somehow make things better. He is such a fool. Even the sports players are starting to leave and then to keep people happy the Romans knew how – give them games and free bread. We will see the French rise up against the insanity as unemployment continues to rise, the future is cut-off for the youth, and they will not even have sports to occupy their minds. The French have a long history of confrontation with government.