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The Coming Deflation

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So many people have been insisting upon hyperinflation, but they are not prepared for the developing deflation. Even most Germans know what is inflation and they are indoctrinated that austerity is better – but is it? The US experience the deflation of the Great Depression and adopted those same austerity policies. There was such a shortage of money that not merely did the dollar rise to historical highs, but hundreds of cities were forced to issue their own money that was legal tender locally just to function.


People only think they know how to protect themselves against inflation – buy tangible assets. But how does one protect against deflation? Sell all tangible assets and just go to cash? Is there a difference between real estate, precious metals, stocks, bonds, and cash? What about capital inflows and outflows? What about movable v static assets?

The answer to this question that is commonly asked is far more complex than one imagines. We are preparing a special report on this topic because everything varies according to capital inflows v outflows. This is a very important study for it is not just bullshit personal opinions. To really understand this we must leave no stone or asset untouched.

We will advise when this is going to be completed.