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The Bubble-Gum Economy

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COMMENT: Marty, your bubble-gum analogy is brilliant. You are correct, They cannot manage anything.

REPLY: Most politicians are lawyers who know only how to write laws. They are incapable of managing an economy. They are way too corrupt to run it properly always available to the highest bidder as the repeal of Dodd-Frank just illustrated, and way too arrogant for anyone who disagrees with them is a traitor since they presume they are the sovereign nation not the people.

They would spend all the revenue from the sales of their bubble-gum, and then be dead broke unable to restock it. They then will write a law to justify robbing someone else so they can spend all over again. Just totally hopeless. This is why NO government has ever survived its politicians. You cannot write the laws and be in charge of money. That is like putting an alcoholic as the bartender. Come on!

Most politicians are about as incapable of comprehending the economy as these automatic correction algorithms trying to anticipate what you are writing. I am getting use to typing it is a “good buy” and it changes it to “goodbye”. But I typed in “Athens” and it changed it to “at he’s” Now that is just total gibberish. What happened to “his”?