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The Border of Hell

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Berlin Wall

The US border police are out of control and the horror stories one hears and read about the plight of foreigners just traveling ti the USA is shocking. Some Swiss flew to go skiing at Aspen. They were held and sent to secondary interrogation because the moron board control officer thought it was a lie that someone from Switzerland who has the Alps would really want to sky in Aspen. That was “suspicious” and off to interrogation they went because everyone is now a terrorist and must PROVE you are not.

A friend was coming down from Montreal who spoke little English. I said I would be at the airport to pick them up. I was waiting and waiting then my cell phone rang. The TSA wanted to know where I was. I said there in the airport waiting. They then asked me if I spoke French?  I responded in French: “pouvez-vous parler français”, which anyone who took French in high school knows unless you seem to work for the TSA. He had no clue what I even said and just said OK. When I said they were from Canada. He responded –“They are still alien.”  He approved the entry.

Then there is the story “I GOT KICKED OUT OF AMERICA FOR HAVING A GUITAR”, which is another eye-opener. Hiring people whose greatest achievement in life is to work for the government be allowed to judge what is “suspicious” or not is just crazy. The damage being caused by this type of police nonsense is long-lasting. The denial of a visa to the USA is becoming very common as the case of Soccer legend Diego Maradona. There is the incident of Senator Rand Paul being detained for 2 ½ hours by the TSA because he refused to submit to a pat-down, missing his flight and his speech at pro-life conference On January 23, 2012..



Hadrian’s Wall Between Britain and Scotland

The one thing we must remember, borders are used to keep people out as well as in. The is something historically we cannot forget for it goes to the very heart of liberty that cannot exist behind closed borders.