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The Blood Moon

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Blood Moon july_2009

COMMENT: when you write everything is connected I doubt even you appreciate how profound the connections actually go.

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ANSWER: Absolutely correct! I have been able to see the connections with a massive database and computing power. I did not input the planetary movement, but that is not to say it would not be interesting to see the correlations.I have no theory nor expectation of the result. What I can say is the Precession of the Equinox is 25,800 years turns out to be ((3 x 8.6) x 1000). Perhaps the 8.6 frequency governs more planetary movement as well. Indeed, it is all connected.

Astrology began at least with the Babylonians who sought to catalog everything that moved and to correlate that in an interesting study. This is where much of that is derived from as is the idea that comets mark the changes in great trends with the birth or death of important kings.


Planetary movement may not be the source, but only another correlation to a greater cycle that governs everything since big bang. Under the laws of physics, the universe will expand to a maximum point like throwing a ball into the air. It will lose speed and then the gravitational pull will reverse and bring in all in to collapse upon itself at a faster rate than the expansion and who knows, perhaps it will start all over again. The one thing for certain – energy can neither be created nor destroyed.