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The Aluminum Scandal

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Goldman Sachs & the Aluminum Scandal

The tide has turned against the bankers and there will not be a rock big enough to hide under. The market is starting to wise up to the commodity game of controlling the warehouses and trading on the same commodities after 31.4 years. I have reported previously that the “club” has been staging manipulations of numerous markets that include currency and commodities. Everything from silver spikes and rhodium to the latest being aluminum. These are often manipulation spikes that run the course of 3 to 9 months. Decades of gathering evidence and recording phone conversations were seized by the receiver who was later hired by Goldman Sachs and made a board member – Alan Cohen.



The whole manipulation scandal has been around for a long-time, but the regulators and Congress have protected the bankers giving them the name the “Untouchables”. As the commentator in the following piece jokes – they should take the Go to Jail square out of the Monopoly Game since it never applies to New York unless you compete with them.